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Casio the right calculator


I remember my first experience using a scientific calculator, in my mind I pictured how easy the mathematical subjects would be,little did I know that I had to familiarize myself with the topics first, in order for me to achieve what I intended to do with the calculator.

I even remember there was a topic in mathematics which required one to use the (BODMAS) formula when I got such a question, guess what I did I keyed in all the figures and waited patiently for the feedback which I received but it was the wrong one and this was simply because:

i)I had use the wrong calculator?

ii)The calculator I had used never had the features for me to achieve what I intended to achieve?

iii)May be it had different functionality?

And all of this is what has inspired me to share this topic on.Choosing right calculator for the right purpose and this will only be achieved by the help of CASIO PRODUCTS FROM SANGYUG LTD.

Which you can only find at Sangyug  Enterprise Ltd located at  Big Bang (Brown Building),opposite Goan Gymkhana,No.2 on Ngara Road,close to the National Museum.



CASIO Projectors – Go Lamp Free & SAVE !!

Casio’s lamp-free projection range has a model suitable for most applications including classrooms, boardrooms, exhibitions and retail. Here you can understand the benefits of our lamp-free technology and why Casio is the market leader for solid-state projection.


Casio projectors use Laser & LED Hybrid technology insteadof lamps, not only improving environmental credentials but also reducing power consumption. Never having to change a lamp removes hassle for the user, ensuring total peace of mind

  1. Mercury-free
    No mercury is featured in the projectors, making them safer for both the user and environment
  2. Low power consumption
    The Laser & LED Hybrid light source uses less power thana conventional projector lamp and also has quick on/off functions, saving you time and money over the lifetime
    of the projector
  3. Low maintenance
    With no lamps to change and no filters to replace, the Casio range requires only minimal maintenance. This reduces projection downtime ensuring maximum productivity
  4. Intelligent Brightness Control
    All Casio projectors (excluding the XJ-V1) feature Intelligent Brightness Control that adjusts brightness levels according to the ambient light in the room. This reduces power consumption, saving the user money, and ensuring that the projector is always bright and vivid
  5. Low TCO
    Purchasing a Casio projector means there is only one fixed cost. There are no lamps or filters to change throughout the lifetime of the projector
  6. 3 year warranty
    All Casio projectors come with a 3 year/6,000 hour on-site warranty* on both hardware and light source offering users total peace of mind