10 KVA Online UPS Tower Model


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10 KVA Online UPS Tower Model, Kstar, PF 0.8 K-Star

Are you sick and tired of power outages interfering with your work or damaging your electronic equipment? The Kstar 10 KVA Online UPS Tower Model is the only option. This robust and dependable UPS system offers constant power to keep your devices operating normally even during power outages.

Efficacious and Trustworthy Power Supply

The 10 KVA UPS Tower Model from Kstar is made to supply your electronic devices with effective and dependable power. This UPS system provides high-quality power with power factor of 0.8 to guarantee the efficient operation of your devices. Your devices are protected from power surges, spikes, and other electrical disturbances thanks to the online double conversion technology.

Simple to Set Up and Use

The 10 KVA UPS Tower Model from Kstar is simple to install and use. The user-friendly interface and tower design make for simple installation and operation in any location. Real-time information on the UPS system’s status, including input and output voltage, battery level, and load level, is provided by the LCD display.

Long-Lasting Battery

durable battery is included with the Kstar 10 KVA Online UPS Tower Model to provide prolonged backup power during power outages. Your devices will remain powered even during protracted outages. Thanks to the battery’s ability to deliver dependable power for extended periods.

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In conclusion, the 10 KVA Online UPS Tower Model from Kstar is a trustworthy and effective UPS system that gives your electronic devices an uninterrupted power supply. This UPS system is the ideal option for your power requirements thanks to its simple installation and operation, long battery life, and protection from power surges and spikes. Buy dependable solar products online or at Sangyug in Ngara, Nairobi, Kenya.

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