2 Packs Wide Neck Silicone Nipple (S,M,L) Jungle Buddies Silicone



2 Packs Wide Neck Silicone Nipple (S,M,L) Jungle Buddies Silicone

Dont let your sore nipples from breastfeeding get in the way of your breastfeeding journey. Give your nipples a break with these Nipple Shields. Made from medical-grade silicone, these nipple shields help you to express milk, maintain your supply, and soothe sore nipples. The shields come in a pack of two and are dishwasher safe. The wide-neck design allows for a comfortable fit for most sizes. You can also wear them under your bra, so you dont have to worry about them coming off.

Are you tired of your traditional nursing bra underwire digging into your sensitive nipples? Its time to ditch the wire and embrace the Wide Neck Silicone Nipple! These soft, nipple-shaped silicone cups provide comfortable and effective nursing coverage for women of all breast sizes. These silicone cups are perfect for new mothers, mothers of multiples, and breastfeeding mothers. They made from soft, flexible silicone that is comfortable and easy to clean. These silicone cups are compatible with most bras and they come in two-packs.

In conclusion, Simply slip it over the nipple, and it will cover the nipple with a shield. Furthermore, You can wear it for as long as you want, or take it off when you need to. This product is perfect for all women and may be worn in any circumstance.

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