1500VA 1.35kW Double-Conversion UPS 208/230V


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Reliable 1500VA 1.35kW Double-Conversion UPS 208/230V – 6 Outlets, Extended Run, Card Slot, LCD, USB, DB9, 2U, Tripp-Lite – Get Power Protection Now!

“Power Protection Solutions Nairobi”

Are power interruptions causing havoc with your critical systems? It’s time to invest in reliable power protection. Our 208/230V 1500VA 1.35kW Double-Conversion UPS, equipped with 6 Outlets, Extended Run, Card Slot, LCD, USB, and DB9 features, is your answer. At Sangyug in Nairobi, Kenya, we’ve made it easy for you to shop online and enjoy fast delivery within 24hrs.

The Power You Can Trust

Our Double-Conversion UPS provides unwavering power protection, ensuring your valuable equipment stays operational, even in the face of erratic power quality. With 1500VA (1.35kW) capacity, it can safeguard your sensitive electronics, servers, and data centers.

Convenience Meets Versatility

The UPS boasts 6 outlets, allowing you to connect multiple devices. Its Extended Run feature provides peace of mind during prolonged outages. The Card Slot enables easy expansion, and the LCD display offers real-time status updates. Connect via USB or DB9 for seamless control.

Swift Delivery for Your Peace of Mind

At Sangyug, we understand the urgency of power protection. That’s why we offer fast delivery, ensuring your UPS reaches you within 24hrs in Nairobi, Kenya. No more waiting – safeguard your equipment right away.

Affordable Protection for All

Power protection shouldn’t break the bank. Our 208/230V 1500VA UPS is not only reliable but also affordable. We believe that everyone deserves high-quality protection without straining their budget.

Shop Online for Easy Access

With Sangyug’s online shop, you have the convenience of browsing and purchasing your UPS from the comfort of your home or office. No need to go searching for a shop near you; we’re conveniently located in Ngara, Nairobi, Kenya, and just a few clicks away online.

Invest in power protection solutions that truly matter. Shop our 208/230V 1500VA 1.35kW Double-Conversion UPS now at Sangyug in Nairobi, Kenya. Enjoy fast delivery and affordable prices, ensuring your critical systems stay operational when you need them most. Power Protection Solutions Nairobi – your answer to uninterrupted power.

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