3000Va 3U Rack/Tower Mount


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3000Va 3U Rack/Tower Mount. Smartonline True On-Line Ups, Tripp-Lite

Are you looking for a trustworthy and effective UPS system to safeguard your expensive equipment and guarantee a consistent supply of power? Look no further than Sangyug Kenya’s online store to find the Tripp-Lite SmartOnline True On-Line UPS, 3U Rack/Tower Mount, 3000VA. For companies and individuals who place a high priority on power protection, this UPS is a necessity thanks to its cutting-edge features and excellent performance.

Continuity of Power Protection

The SmartOnline True On-Line UPS, 3000VA, 3U Rack/Tower Mount offers seamless power protection for important equipment and devices. This UPS ensures clean and dependable power, protecting against voltage variations, power surges, and outages, whether you’re running delicate electronics, servers, or networking equipment. It delivers consistent power quality and eliminates any potential disruptions or downtime thanks to its true on-line operation.

Multipurpose Rack/Tower Design

The 3U rack/tower mount design of this UPS allows for installation flexibility and convenience. It adapts to your unique setup needs and can be quickly integrated into your current rack infrastructure or used as a standalone tower unit. It is appropriate for a variety of settings, including data centers, server rooms, and small offices, thanks to its small size and adaptable design.

Operation that is Effective and Intelligent

This UPS’s 3000VA capacity means it can handle a heavy load and guarantee that your devices have enough power to function properly. With its precise voltage regulation and advanced microprocessor control, it maximizes efficiency while using the least amount of energy possible. In order to correct voltage fluctuations and prolong battery life, the UPS also has automatic voltage regulation (AVR), which guarantees dependable performance over time.

User-Friendly Interface and Monitoring

The 3000VA, 3U Rack/Tower Mount SmartOnline True On-Line UPS offers a user-friendly interface for easy management and monitoring. The LCD display provides real-time information on UPS status, battery level, and load capacity. You can also conveniently adjust settings, run diagnostics, and configure alerts for proactive maintenance. With comprehensive monitoring capabilities, you can stay informed and take immediate action to ensure uninterrupted power for your critical equipment.

Shop Online at Sangyug Kenya

Sangyug Kenya’s online shop is your go-to destination for purchasing the 3000VA, 3U Rack/Tower Mount SmartOnline True On-Line UPS. Located in Ngara, Nairobi, Kenya, Sangyug offers a convenient and secure online shopping experience. Explore our wide range of products and enjoy fast shipping to your location.

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