300Mbps High-Gain Wireless USB Adaptor



300Mbps High-Gain Wireless USB Adaptor 6DbiI Ultra-Long OFC High Gain Antenna, Tenda

300Mbps High-Gain Wireless USB Adaptor 6DbiI Ultra-Long OFC High Gain Antenna, Tenda

The Tenda 300Mbps High-Gain Wireless USB Adaptor is a high-performance antenna. With a long range. It is compatible with any wireless router and access point. It also features a low-noise amplifier for the clearest signal. The antenna has a 6dbi gain and is wireless.


Real 6 dBi ultra-long OFC antenna Wireless USB Adaptor for broader coverage

The real 6 dBi ultra-long OFC high-gain antenna. Sets a record high in signal transmission and reception distances. Thus allowing you to receive wireless signals anywhere at home.

This product is for anyone who needs a reliable and long-range antenna. It can broadcast over a wider area, or for broadcasting to areas that are difficult to reach. This antenna has a long range of 6 dBi, and is made from high-quality materials.


Multi-directional rotatability Wireless USB Adaptor to ensure wall-penetration performance in both flats and duplexes 

With a brilliant design that allows the antenna to rotate in many directions. You can point the antenna at any angle. According to your apartment layout for best signal reception. Note: The adapter reaches its best performance. When its antenna is paralleled with the antenna of your router.


Data rate up to 300 Mbps to ensure better gaming and video experience

Powered by the 300 Mbps wireless chip solution. Its downloading speed is twice of the 150 Mbps wireless USB adapter. With a 100 Mbps internet connection. The 2 x 2 MIMO architecture offers better wireless connection performance. And stability for outstanding gaming and video experience.


Get a portable Wi-Fi hotspot with a single step

The Soft AP mode enables U6 to mount onto a PC that has wired internet connectivity to function as a Wi-Fi hotspot. so that wireless clients such as mobile phones, and PC can access the internet through U6. Note: The Soft AP mode workie with Windows XP/7/8/8.1 as well as third-party hotspot software.

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