80Kva Stand Alone Ups, Double Conversion Online Ups, Igbt Inverter Technology, N+1...


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80Kva Stand Alone Ups, Double Conversion Online Ups, Igbt Inverter Technology, N+1 Redundancy, 1+1 Redundancy And Parallel Expansion Capability, 3% Thdi, Upto 97% Efficiency, Supplied With External Batt. Cabinet Tripp-Lite


The 80Kva Stand Alone Ups provides a power supply for critical applications. Its designed to work as a power backup for your sensitive electronics. It is useable in remote locations or as a backup power supply. This product can provide up to 80Kva of clean, reliable power. It also has a self-contained inverter. This inverter will ensure that your electronics will stay on during a power outage.

Reliable and cost-effective

The 80Kva stand alone UPS system is reliable and cost-effective. It is a good way to protect against power outages and other types of power fluctuations. It also features a battery charge level indicator and a battery runtime indicator. Moreover the battery is replaceable without having to replace the entire system. It features a plug-and-play design. This means that it can connect to a device with no installation required. Not to mention, it has an audible alarm. The 80Kva UPS system is easy to use and install.

The unit is able to provide up to 100% of your systems power needs. Its equipped with safety features to protect against overloads and short circuits. It also has a battery runtime of 15 minutes in the event of a power outage. If you are looking for a power supply that is not only powerful but also provides peace of mind. This is the perfect unit for you.

Suitable for most Environments

The product is a small, stand-alone UPS system that is useable in a variety of environments. For instance, It is ideal for hospitals, schools, and manufacturing facilities. Not to mention it is the perfect size for offices, data centers, and industrial sites. As it can connect a variety of devices including servers, routers, and desktops. This is a perfect product for anyone who needs power during a power outage.


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