Casio Fx991-Ex Scientific Calculator



Casio Fx991-Ex Scientific Calculator 10 + 2 Digits

The Casio Fx991-Ex Scientific Calculator is a scientific calculator that can perform many complex math functions. The Fx991 can b used as a graphing calculator. It is a powerful and convenient tool for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to solve complex equations. The Casio Fx991-Ex Scientific Calculator is an upgrade from the Fx-981. It includes new features like user-defined formulas, polar graphing, and improved graphs.

This scientific calculator can handle a wide range of functions and features like differential calculus, logarithms, and more. In addition, the FX991-Ex has more than 3,000 pre-programmed formulas, graphs, and constants, and it is capable of handling trigonometric functions. This calculator is a powerful tool for solving complex equations and graphs. The Fx991 has graphing capabilities and can graph in 2D and 3D, It has 10 memories and a solar power function, It has an input for a CAS (Computer Algebra System) solver and the ability to plot polar and parametric curves.

The Casio Fx991-Ex is the perfect calculator for any student or professor. The calculator has many functions including trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential, and quadratic functions, it has a 12-digit display with a 10-digit mantissa and a 2-digit exponent. The Casio Fx991-Ex is designed to be durable and easy to use. It has a protective cover that doubles as a stand. The calculator also has a soft, tactile keypad with solar power.

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