Hook Shield Rawl Bolt



Hook Shield Rawl Bolt Anchor M12

Hook Shield Rawl Bolt Anchor M12

Hook designed & manufactured for maximum performance. Three-pieces expanding sleeve of maximum expansion provides optimal load and safety of use in any substrate! Its Rawl bolts are not suitable for all arrest systems nor shock loading.

The Hook Bolt Anchor M12 is a solution for fixing a load to a wall or ceiling. Its anchor consists of a M12 bolt, a washer, and a nut. To install, drill a hole with a depth of 40mm and a diameter of 25mm.The bolt is also  placed in the hole and the washer and nut tightened. This product is ideal for attaching hooks, shelves, or other items to the wall.

The hook has a M12 thread and will fit in any hole that is 12mm in diameter. This also has a screw included with the hook. Its hook has steel, and its made to make it durable.

It also has a steel core that is rust-resistant and has a coating to resist corrosion. The M12 anchor can to withstand up to 15,000 pounds of force, so it is perfect for holding up heavy tools or other items. It used with a variety of different materials, so it is a great option for most homeowners.

> Supporting guy ropes, stays and cables
> Has supporting ladder restraints

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