Solar Inverter With Battery Charger, Modified Sine Wave Output Solar Application...



Solar Inverter With Battery Charger, Modified Sine Wave Output Solar Application 2400W Tripp-Lite Apsint2424 Black

Solar Inverter With Battery Charger, Modified Sine Wave Output Solar Application 2400W Tripp-Lite Apsint2424 Black.

The Tripp-Lite APSINT2424 is a high-efficiency solar inverter with a battery charger.

The Tripp-Lite APSINT2424 is the ideal solution for harnessing the power of the sun while charging your devices. This solar application can deliver up to 2400W of power thanks to its modified sine wave output. The black finish gives this already impressive piece of technology a sleek and modern look.

Make the Most of Your Solar Energy by Using a Solar Inverter

The Tripp-Lite APSINT2424 is intended to convert the energy generated by your solar panels into a form that can be used to power your home or devices. A solar inverter ensures that you get the most out of the energy produced by your solar panels, making it an essential component of any solar system.

Solar Energy at an Affordable Price

The cost of solar panels has decreased in recent years, making solar energy more affordable than ever. You can reap the benefits of solar energy without breaking the bank by purchasing a solar inverter such as the Tripp-Lite APSINT2424. This solar inverter is ideal for powering your home or simply providing a consistent source of energy for your devices.

The Most Effective Solar Panels for Your Home

There are several factors to consider when selecting the best solar panels for your home. It is critical to select the right solar panels to meet your needs, from the cost of the panels to their efficiency. SunPower panels and invisible solar panels are two of the best solar panels on the market today.

Solution for Emergency Lighting

The Tripp-Lite APSINT2424 can be used as an emergency lighting solution in addition to powering your devices. Youll always have a reliable source of light when you need it thanks to its rechargeable battery. Whether youre experiencing a power outage or simply require a bright light to see by, this solar inverter has you covered.

Purchase Online or Near Me

The Tripp-Lite APSINT2424 is available online or at a retailer near you, whether you live in Nairobi, Kenya or elsewhere. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking to switch to solar power because of its impressive features and low price. With the Tripp-Lite APSINT2424, you can begin reaping the benefits of solar energy right away.


Versatile inverter/charger system with auto-transfer switching serves as an automotive inverter for RVs, over-the-road trucking, conversion vans, marine environments and fleet service vehicles; a standalone alternative power source for off-grid, alternative energy or export applications and as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for items compatible with a 20 millisecond transfer time. NOTE: For sump pump applications, Tripp Lite recommends its “UT” Utility Truck Inverter/Chargers.

Package Includes

APSINT2424 Inverter/Charger

Instruction manual with warranty information


Output watts                  2400
Continuous output        2400

capacity (watts)

Peak output                    4800

capacity (watts)

Output nominal              230V


Output voltage               LINE POWER (AC): Maintains 230V nominal sine wave output from line power source. INVERTER POWER (AC):

regulation                      Maintains PWM sine wave output voltage of 230 VAC (+/-5%).

Output frequency 50 Hz (+/- 0.3 Hz) regulation
Overload                        Includes 10A input breaker dedicated to the charging system and 15A output breaker for AC output loads.


Outlet quantity /   Hardwire type
Recommended    DC INPUT: Requires 24VDC input source capable of delivering 112A for the required duration (when used at full Electrical Service  continuous capacity – DC requirements increase during OverPower and DoubleBoost operation). For automotive applications, professional hardwire installation with 300A minimum battery system fusing is recommended.
Maximum input   DC INPUT: Full continuous load – 112A at 24VDC. AC INPUT: 17 amps at 230VAC with full inverter and charger load amps / watts     (7A max charger-only / combined input load to support charger and AC output is automatically controllable to

66%-33%-0% based on AC output loading using the charger limiting set points – see manual for setting instructions)

Input connection DC INPUT: Set of 2 DC bolt-down terminals. AC INPUT: Hardwire via built in junction box with cover plate type

compatibility (VAC)


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