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  • In-Row Cooling Unit Srxcool33K


    Brand-Tripp Lite
    Voltage-208 Volts
    Power Source-Battery Powered
    Series-TRIPP LITE
    Warranty Type-Limited
    Item Weight-723 Pounds
    Control Method-App, Remote

    >33,000 BTU of cooling power
    >Variable-speed, DC-inverter-driven compressor and microprocessor-controlled electronic expansion valve (EEV) enable precision cooling adjustments–no more wasteful, noisy cycling between off and full blast
    >Soft-start feature limits inrush current to prevent introduction of line noise, voltage disruptions and potential circuit overloads
    >Self-contained, zero-maintenance unit re-humidifies condensate and expels it through the exhaust air stream, no floor drain, water collection tank, external condenser, refrigerant piping, duct work or plumbing required
    >Convenient LCD control panel and network interface provide local and remote monitoring and control of temperature, humidity, fan speed, alarms and logging via front-panel buttons, SNMP, Web, telnet or Modbus
    >Row-based airflow path maximizes hot-aisle/cold-aisle efficiency and cooling predictability by supplying cold intake air high in the cold aisle and removing hot equipment exhaust air high in the hot aisle
    put, 50/60 Hz frequency compatibility

    The Tripp Lite 33,000 BTU Self-Contained Portable Air Conditioning Unit is a powerful, energy-efficient cooling solution for large spaces. This unit, with its sleek black design, is ideal for any commercial or industrial setting. The Tripp Lite AC unit is battery-powered and has a 208-volt output.

    Innovative Cooling Technology

    This unit features cutting-edge technology, such as a variable-speed DC-inverter-driven compressor and a microprocessor-controlled electronic expansion valve (EEV) for precise temperature control. No more wasteful and noisy cycling between off and full blast. Furthermore, the soft-start feature reduces inrush current, preventing line noise and voltage disruptions that could lead to circuit overloads.

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