Rackmount 2U 2.2Kva Tripp-Lite Ups Smart Online Double Conversion Suint2200Rtxl2Ua...


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Rackmount 2U 2.2Kva Tripp-Lite Ups Smart Online Double Conversion Suint2200Rtxl2Ua Black Abs

Introducing the Rackmount 2U 2.2Kva Tripp-Lite UPS Smart Online Double Conversion SUINT2200RTXL2UA, the perfect solution for uninterrupted power supply in various settings. Whether you need a reliable backup power source for your office, data center, or critical equipment, this Tripp-Lite UPS provides the ultimate protection against power outages, surges, and voltage fluctuations.

Reliable Uninterrupted Power Supply

With the Rackmount 2U 2.2Kva Tripp-Lite UPS, you can say goodbye to unexpected power disruptions and potential data loss. This robust UPS system ensures continuous power supply by converting incoming AC power to DC and then back to AC power. The double conversion technology guarantees a stable and reliable power output, protecting your sensitive equipment and critical systems.

Efficient Rackmount Design

The 2U rackmount form factor of this Tripp-Lite UPS allows for easy installation and space-saving convenience. Whether you have limited floor space or need to integrate the UPS into your existing server rack, the compact design ensures a hassle-free setup. The durable black ABS construction ensures longevity and protects the UPS from everyday wear and tear.

Seamless Battery Backup

Equipped with an efficient battery backup system, the Tripp-Lite UPS ensures that your devices remain powered even during electrical outages. The UPS switches seamlessly to battery power, providing ample time to save your work, shut down equipment properly, or continue operations until power is restored. This uninterrupted power supply is crucial for critical applications that cannot afford any downtime.

Advanced UPS Features

The Rackmount 2U 2.2Kva Tripp-Lite UPS comes with a range of advanced features to enhance its performance and usability. It offers automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to stabilize voltage fluctuations and protect connected devices. The LCD display provides real-time monitoring of UPS status, battery capacity, and load levels. Additionally, the UPS can be managed remotely through its built-in network interface, allowing for easy monitoring and configuration.

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You can conveniently shop online at Sangyug Kenya to get your hands on the Rackmount 2U 2.2Kva Tripp-Lite UPS. As a trusted provider of high-quality power supply solutions, Sangyug offers reliable products that meet your specific needs. Benefit from fast and secure shipping, and rest easy knowing that your uninterrupted power supply is in good hands.


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