Smartonline Sutx Series 3-Phase


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Smartonline Sutx Series 3-Phase 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V 40Kva 40Kw On-Line Double-Conversion Ups, Tower, Extended Run, Snmp Option

The SmartOnline SUTX Series 3-Phase 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V 40kVA 40kW On-Line Double-Conversion UPS is ideal for large-scale operations. This tower UPS is designed to keep your critical systems running smoothly and efficiently, with advanced features such as extended runtime and SNMP options.

Power Protection that is Dependable

The SmartOnline SUTX Series is intended for critical applications that require the highest level of power disruption protection. This three-phase UPS system offers double-conversion power protection to ensure that your equipment always receives clean and stable power. To keep your equipment running smoothly, the UPS detects and corrects any power disturbances, such as sags, surges, and brownouts.

Runtime Extending

To provide backup power for even longer periods of time, the SmartOnline SUTX Series UPS can be configured with extended runtime options. This feature is especially important for businesses that require continuous power during long outages. To provide the most runtime possible, the UPS is designed to support a variety of battery configurations, including external battery packs.

Simple Management

The SmartOnline SUTX Series UPS is simple to manage thanks to SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) options. You can monitor and control your UPS using SNMP from anywhere in the world, giving you complete peace of mind. The UPS also has a user-friendly LCD interface that allows for simple system monitoring and configuration.

Effective and Reliable

The SmartOnline SUTX Series UPS is built for efficiency and dependability. The UPS delivers more power to your equipment while consuming less energy, thanks to a 96% efficiency rating in double-conversion mode. This means you can save money on energy while keeping your equipment in good working order.

Ideally suited for large-scale operations

The SmartOnline SUTX Series UPS is intended to meet the power requirements of large-scale operations. With a power capacity of 40kVA/40kW, the UPS can provide power protection for a wide range of critical applications. The UPS is also scalable, allowing you to add more units as your power requirements grow.
Finally, the SmartOnline SUTX Series 3-Phase 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V 40kVA 40kW On-Line Double-Conversion UPS is a sophisticated and dependable power protection system for large-scale operations. This UPS provides the ultimate in power protection for critical applications thanks to its extended runtime, SNMP options, and efficient design.

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